Dungeon Adventure: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King

The githyanki have established alliances everywhere, even in the Feywild. Following a clue about the origin of the Seed of Winter, the characters seek out the court of a fomorian king, where madness is the only constant.

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Updates…Lore, Alice, Etc.

So this week I’ve been focusing a lot on last minute additions and changes to the Links for Life Charity Golf Tournament I have been designing stuff for. The deadline for all this was two weeks ago…but anyone who has worked for a charity before knows how last minute everyone involved in these things can get. So needless to say Lore has been getting ignored as well as Alice.

But maybe that isn’t such a bad thing…Lore was supposed to have 5 writers in it, yet even now I still only have 3 people who have submitted what they said they would and two others I’m still waiting on, supposedly. In similar news there are three others who have voiced interest in possibly coming up with something as well over the weekend, but they wouldn’t be able to have anything soon, so I’m thinking if anything comes of that it’d be released in a different supplement.

Alice. Alice is being ignored with all of the other things going on and as much as I’d like to finish this sooner than later, it’s just not going to happen unless something dramatically changes.

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Dungeon Adventure: Remains of the Empire

Elkridge is a peaceful valley, home to a community of farmers and artisans unaccustomed to the ways of violence. When wild drakes descend on the valley, the locals need the help of experienced warriors.

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Keeping Busy

Sorry for the quietness coming out of me lately, things at work have been extremely busy for me, especially with the creation of my new site Las Vegas CRE News which will be announced through various PR channels on the 28th.

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Dungeon Adventure: Danger at the White Lotus Academy

A school that teaches all things arcane is never quiet. When the school’s students begin disappearing and the headmaster seems unwilling to investigate, someone must look into the matter. As usual, “someone” means “you.”

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Dungeon Adventure: Alliance at Nefelus

The island nation of Nefelus, a lush tropical realm isolated from the dealings of the world, has recently found its tranquil peace disturbed by a mysterious ice floe. Now warm and pleasant Nefelus grows cold …

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Ave Molech Lore Update

As of today I have received most of the writings from the guest authors for this book, and only a couple of the larger items are still coming in by next week. In a couple weeks I’ll be back in the bay area for my wife’s b-day, but when I return I’ll more than likely start putting the book together as well as pulling and editing all of the writings sent in and accepted.

One of the projects I have, that I plan to focus on this weekend, is the “breaking up” of Ave Molech’s campaign book into small bite sized pieces. Essentially, for those people who do not prefer long PDFs, they will be able to purchase and print out the sections that would be useful to them. For example, we’ll have a break out of the The World Setting with Races and Lands, a GM items and Organizations/Important People piece – each one will lack the covers, some artwork and maps and be prepped for black and white printing and ideally be around 20ish pages. In addition, they will also be available at a reduced price, allowing for people who are not familiar with the world to try it out, without having to commit to 176 pages.

I should have the initial draft complete sometime in May.

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Busy week

It’s been a busy week here, but I did manage to take a look at Sony’s new ebook store and I signed up to see about having Ave Molech listed on there. I also have been checking out http://www.booklocker.com/ as well as a continual effort to get Ave Molech and perhaps other of our PDF’s in more places than just here, OBS, YGN and E23.

If anyone has any suggestions of online PDF stores that carry fiction as well as role playing games, feel free to email in suggestions, post them on our forums or leave a comment here wiht them.

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Another Alice Tidbit

Much like before, this is unedited first draft material I wrote while at the bar on my blackberry and haven’t had a chance to expand on yet.

Alice woke up to a ray of light hitting her face. The dark cover over the small window in the corner of the room had torn. She was alone, the ladies from the night before were gone and a pillow and blanket had been given to her. She sat up slowly, a little dizzy from the night before.

The door opened and in walked a lanky man in tight jeans holding a tray with a toast and coffee.

“Here you go Alice,” the man said placing the tray on the desk, “Jason asked me to check up on you. We don’t have much here, but the girls and I managed to get some coffee for you.”

“Thanks,” Alice said, slowly standing, the man stared at her with a concerned look on his face. His face, thought Alice, with his porn-style moustache, four days of facial growth and long nose made him appears almost rat like. 

“Would you like anything else? Jason should be in shortly.”

“No thank you. I…I should be going. Tell Jason I said thanks and that I’ll stop by later.”

The man nodded and walked out, shutting the door behind him.

Alice moved to Jason’s desk and sat down on the large leather chair, her head was beginning to hurt and she reached for the coffee in front of her. It was warm and soothing at first, but too dark for her liking and her stomach slowly began to turn and she clenched at her waste, shrinking over. She grabbed at the toast and ate it down quickly; she hadn’t realized how hungry she had been. Leaning back in the chair her headache began to subside. Her hands fumbled around her neck and grabbed one of the chains that produced an intricately designed heart casing. She opened the heart shaped compartment and poured the contents on the desk. A modicum of snuff twice and she was up and moving towards the back door.


The light from outside was blinding as Alice opened the door, it closed with a thud behind her, locking. People were rushing past her; too many people and she began to wish she had gone out the front door. So many people she though, all rushing in the street, “Bitch!” a woman brushed against her turning back to give her the finger. 

Alice stepped back against the wall, a giant peacock shaped float was coming down the adjacent street, followed by what looked like more animal shapes heading her way – the cities carnival parade.

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Morbidgames Emporium Update

A brief note, that the MORBIDGAMES Emporium is now on the Zen Cart Live Shops listings

In Alice news, the post I wanted to get to today isn’t going to happen, it should happen tomorrow or at least within the next couple days.

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